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Roadworks to start on Sunday

Sunday will see the start of major roadworks on Dodworth Road in Barnsley – to put in a new right-hand lane turn and a pedestrian island for Horizon Community College.

The new school, which is beginning to take shape on the old SR Gent site, is set to open in September, and will incorporate pupils from the current Holgate and Kingstone schools.

The roadworks are expected to be in place for 10 weeks, and will cause delays for some people.

From Sunday, traffic coming up Dodworth Road will find that the right-hand turn onto Pogmoor Road will be closed.

Instead, cars will have to continue on, to the M1 roundabout, and go all the way round and back onto Dodworth Road.

And for three nights in March – the exact dates have not yet been disclosed – Dodworth Road (from the townend roundabout right up to the turn off to Pogmoor Road) will be closed from 8pm until 6am.

A diversion will be put in place, which will take traffic via Westway, Sheffield Road, Park Road (past Locke Park) and on to Broadway.

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