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MiCard may be scrapped due to council cuts

The MiCard scheme which has proved so popular among under 18s in and around Barnsley could be scrapped because of yet more council cut-backs.

The scheme currently offers free bus travel across the borough, which is particularly helpful to schoolchildren and college students.

But Barnsley council has been informed by the Government that it has to cut another £24 million off its budget over the next three years.

Among the proposed list of changes to try and cut costs is the axing of the MiCard.

It costs the council £2m to run the scheme. That money is paid to Stagecoach.

A council spokesperson said: “We could reduce the cost of the scheme in a number of ways. We could possibly charge for the cars, or even limit the number of days it can be used, or limit it to families on means-tested benefits. We are looking into it and would like to hear from people who regularly use the MiCard and in what way they use it.”

A survey staged by the council, asking for views from the public, will run until January 16.

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