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TALKING SPORT: Wind gets up, but diehards are set to go!

Just what is it about Saturdays in Barnsley and the wind?
Lo and behold, the weekend dawns and the breeze turns into a 20-30 mph powerhouse.
Not very good for Keith Hill’s boys to try and strut their stuff on the hallowed Oakwell turf this afternoon.
Those corners flags better get ready for another battering!
I can once recall Barnsley’s East Stand actually moving on one particular windy night, when Sunderland were the visitors. I was just glad I was in the old wooden West Stand at the time!
Still, sitting here writing these words, with Noah and The Whale’s ‘Last night On Earth’ suddenly blaring out of the speakers, puts me in positive mood for Barnsley’s home clash with the South London Lions of Millwall FC. ‘Waiting for my chance to come’ indeed Noah!
There may be less than 9,500 diehards at today’s Championship clash but that is still a lot of people who, I’m sure, would stick two fingers up to Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas, who only yesterday had suggested that the so-called big clubs (such as his of course!) should be allowed to have B teams playing in the Championship.
I’m from the Tarn – proud of it too. And Barnsley FC has as much right as Chelsea to ply their trade in English football.
The Oakwell Club might not be in the same stratosphere as Chelksi when it comes to cash, but I seem to recall that the last time the two clubs met on the football pitch it was the men from Stamford Bridge who ended up ‘singing the Blues’ – as the Reds knocked them out of the FA Cup!
It was a similar scenario last week, when Keith Hill’s underdogs turned in a magnificent display to beat Championship moneybags Leicester City on their own patch.
And just a few days later the sneaky Foxes go and nick one of Barnsley’s best players, loan star Danny Drinkwater.
That made me shrug my shoulders more than shake my head in anger. We are used to it, you see. We are small Barnsley. We take the knocks and come bouncing back.
And as long as Keith Hill and David Flitcroft can keep somehow unearthing one or two nuggets, polishing them up and developing them into Championship performers, then Barnsley FC may well continue to ‘over-achieve’ and give the division’s big boys a bloody nose!
Our repeated defiance of the odds, in a division than in certain areas is awash with money and lofty ambitions, is no mean feat. It is in fact an achievement to be truly proud of.
And as I’m signing off Ryan Adams has just started singing ‘Lucky Now’. Yes indeed!
Lucky to be going to Oakwell today. Lucky to be born in Barnsley. Lucky to have a love of football flowing through my veins. Lucky to have a great wife and kids.
So blow the wind!

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