360 Engagement offers new approach

360 Engagement is an organisation which offers a new approach to community and staff engagement.

They work collaboratively with people in communities and in organisations to influence service improvement, have strong links in communities, and are able to engage with seldom heard and diverse groups.

Their vision is to bridge the gap between communities and organisations. They aim to do this by building supportive and collaborative partnerships between organisations and communities.

They also work with organisations to develop skills and enhance their approach to community and staff engagement. They can also market services to previously untapped communities.

A 360 Engagement spokesperson told Barnsley News: “We believe passionately that everyone has the ability to contribute and help improve services and everyone has the right to have their voice heard.

“We also build strategic relationships with community organisations to support them to meet their aims.

“We see people not labels and encourage our partners, clients and communities to celebrate diversity and do the same.

360 Engagement is a social enterprise with a clear vision to bridge the gap between communities and services. We believe that this is best done by valuing people, building relationships and demonstrating improved services through engagement. We also want to build strategic partnerships with community organisations and build their capacity to be sustainable and effective organisations.

“We are a skilled, adaptable, professional team, strongly driven by our values.”

The 360 team are:

Amanda Heenan, is passionate about diversity and developing people to support them in realising their potential. Amanda specialises in equality
and diversity, with a particular interest in equality and human rights law. Amanda has extensive NHS and public sector experience, as well as
working in the private sector as a trainer and consultant on equality, leadership development and corporate social responsibility.

Roya Pourali specialises in community development work, building capacity within communities and supporting organisations to
develop cultural competence. Roya is the lead officer for the BME Women’s and Children’s Forum which offers support, information
and advice, improving community cohesion and social inclusion. She has a creative background in art and photography, is fluent in
Farsi, Arabic and English, and has significant experience of working with people from different backgrounds, particularly those from
disadvantaged backgrounds with complex needs.

Steve Wragg specialises in governance and has a long track record of working with funders to deliver programmes of activity which support
communities. Steve is an experienced Non-Executive Director and holds a number of board level positions, he is currently Chairman of Barnsley
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

360 Engagement: Bridging the gap between communities and services. Valuing the diversity of all people in communities.

Telephone: 07714208928.

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