EAST-STANDERS: First reaction? No comment!

Forget Albert Square, Oakwell is the only place to be for our exclusive take on Barnsley FC, from the fans who take their seat in the stands to cheer on the super Reds. Here is the latest instalment……

No comment.

That was our first reaction after the Peterborough game. Well, what can you say after a performance like that against a bottom of the table side? We were poor from start to finish and deserved what we got – nowt.

Having said that you’ve got to credit Peterborough. They came with a plan and it worked. Pack the defence, long ball clearance, cross into the middle, two big, strong lads busting a gut to get into the box – and thank you very much. Two early goals as a result and it was all over almost before it had started.

We could have played all night and still wouldn’t have scored, although Craig Davies was unlucky with one rasping shot that thumped the bar. Had that gone in it might have been different. But we somehow doubt it. That apart, all we did was give their goalkeeper some catching practice.

We played some pretty-pretty stuff in midfield, where it wouldn’t harm a fly let alone a nine-man defence, and a lot of the time it was a case of passing back rather than thrusting forward. From me to you, then you to me, then me to him, and him to me – by which time we were ten yards further back than when we started the move. It was all very frustrating, this ambling around getting nowhere.

The overall disappointment was all the greater because we have seen just how well the team can play. We were all talking about it before the game; how well Keith Hill was doing with little or no money; what good football was being served up; especially at Blackburn and then in that stunning win at Birmingham. We’d suffered a first half blip at home to Ipswich on Saturday, but we came back well after the break and we were all confident that we would pick up three points against Peterborough.

But no. To be honest, it was just one of those days as far as we were concerned, The wife had been for her flu jab just before five o’clock. She got wet going, wetter still coming back, and the jab left her arm stiff and aching. I was working late and wasn’t sure whether I’d make it for the kick-off. She rang me and said if I couldn’t it didn’t matter. She wasn’t feeling all that great, so we’d give it a miss.

We did make it. And wished we hadn’t. The only consolation was that it wasn’t a cold evening. But then again I’d rather be cold and happy than warm and miserable.

When the fourth official held up the board indicating there were four minutes stoppage time a huge sigh could be heard from one end of the East Stand to the other, as if to say, ‘Oh, no, not another four minutes!’

Any individual player can have an off day, but this was a case of all eleven. We thought the man of the match announcement would be interesting. It went to a player whose name I can’t pronounce. But it might have been better to have nominated no-one at all.

And now we’ve got Leeds away…

However, we’ve got a funny feeling the lads will be back on their mettle for that one.

The Directors Box at Oakwell on Tuesday night. Any potential new owners in there……


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