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Dearne Schools helping turn today’s waste into tomorrow’s energy

Schools in the Dearne area of Barnsley are seeing their food waste being turned into green electricity, heat and fertilizer.

It is al thanks to a pilot scheme being run by the school meals service of Barnsley Council.

Weekly food waste is collected and taken to ReFood in Doncaster, where the waste is recycled and duly converted into green electricity, heat and nutrient-rich fertilizer.

This reduces the amount of waste that would normally go to landfill – and also helps reduce the cost of bin collections, reduce CO2 emissions, and be kinder to the environment.

The current pilot includes nine school kitchens at The Hill, Gooseacre, Goldthorpe, Highgate, Sacred Heart, Darfield Upperwood, Dearne Carrfield, Darfield All Saints and Oakhill.

They have all been provided with a clean wheelie bin and all waste food from preparation and production is put into it.

Each school’s team of ‘eco warriors’ then make sure that the waste goes into the correct bin. This includes waste from cooked meals and packed lunches as well as apple cores, fruit peel and skins from the fruit in schools scheme.

Some of the schools intend to visit the plant to experience first hand how their food scraps are turned into green electricity and nutrient rich fertilizer.

The pilot schem started in mid-June of this year and will run until the end of December.

It has already diverted half the capacity of school kitchen bins away from landfill.

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