Jess hits gold in the fame game

Sheffield’s Olympic golden girl Jessica Ennis has revealed how her life has changed since she became a global superstar after claiming Heptathlon gold at London 2012.

Now, after becoming the face of British sport she finds it impossible even to nip to the local shop for a few essentials without being mobbed by well wishers.

But Jessica, 26,who lives in Millhouses with fiance Andy Hill, has no complaints about the support of local people who want to congratulate her.

She first realised the consequences of becoming a star on her first trip to the shops a month after she returned home from the Olympics.

IShe said: “I didn’t go to the supermarket for about a month.We just did online shopping, or I sent my fiance Andy out.

“When I finally went, it took me ages to just get a small list of things because everyone wanted to say congratulations.
Kids wanted pictures and you could hear people whispering, ‘That’s Jess Ennis’. It was lovely.

“Children made cards and letters and put them through our letter-box. You can also hear kids going past saying, ‘That’s Jessica Ennis’s house’.

“It’s weird, I don’t have much privacy. If I go out with friends for a meal or into town for a drink, I’ll get a few people coming up to me, or a few drunks saying ‘She’s that runner, that Olympian’.

“I enjoy the celebrity but I like being home. It grounds me. My dog Myla isn’t fussed that I won a gold.”

And now she is back in training for next year’s World Championships in Russia as she bids to regain her World Crown.

Said Jessica: “I’ve been back training for three weeks and it’s a bit of a shock to my body. I’m really stiff and sore and was dreading it a bit because I enjoyed myself so much during the break. But it never crossed my mind to retire.

“I’ve sat down with my coach Toni Minichiello and looked at targets I want to achieve next year. Obviously the World Championships is the main one. It would be great to get my world title back and in Russia which will be hard.”

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