Flitcroft ‘dares to dream’ of 10,000 season tickets in emotional plea to Reds’ fans

Barnsley manager David Flitcroft has issued an emotional appeal for fans to back the Reds in the 2013-14 campaign to the tune of 10,000 season tickets.

Speaking to the Oakwell Club’s official website just as renewal forms were being sent out, Flitcroft addressed the club’s fans as follows:

‘Dear fellow supporter,

I would like to thank you for the support you gave to me, my staff and especially OUR fantastic players.

Without that support I would not be writing this letter or managing OUR great club. You voted with your voices to put me in this post as your manager. You will never know what that means to me and how proud my family was of what we ALL achieved together as a Club.

In your greatest achievements or your lowest moments, your family’s support will always remain unconditional.

You have welcomed me and my staff into the Barnsley family. Thank you, I will give you my ALL.

The final game of the season at Huddersfield was extraordinary in every aspect. The way the Club, you – the Supporters – and players performed was exemplary. Crystal Palace didn’t save US. The results and momentum saved US. We, as a Club, saved ourselves. Together we stood, together we fought, together we achieved OUR goal – Championship football.

The memories we made that day will live with me forever. The players fought for their right to remain Championship players. Your support matched that fight and you are in your deserved place as Championship fans.

In my short tenure I asked the board to back me in treating the players as Championship players. They did and the players responded magnificently.

We performed on the pitch and now the Club are looking at ways that we can perform OFF the pitch. You, the supporters, deserve that. You are Championship fans and we, as a club, want to make your Saturday afternoons and Tuesday nights special.

I want ALL the teams we play to feel the strength and spirit of our stadium. That support and strength drove OUR team to beat the very best the Championship had to offer.

I am asking you once again to support OUR ambition and drive us forward from the terraces. All monies raised from ALL areas of stadium will help drive our budget upwards. I can guarantee that OUR players will give you their ALL, my staff will give their all and I will lead them to give US everything they have.

We will have to overachieve next season. Overachieving is about everyone working as one – can we, as a town, overachieve before the season and get 10,000 fans to commit to a season ticket?

Anything is possible if you dare to dream, dare to believe and dare to do. Together we can dream, together we can do, together we can believe and together we will achieve.

Thank you. We can’t wait to see you all at Oakwell at the start of the season.’

Your Manager,

David Flitcroft.




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