Reds fans set to launch new fanzine ‘West Stand Bogs’

With the new football season almost upon us, a group of Barnsley fans are set to launch a new fanzine, ‘West Stand Bogs‘.

There has been plenty of interest in the venture, and issue 1 of the fanzine, which will be priced £2, will be ready and on sale on the 17th August, when the Reds tackle Charlton Athletic at Oakwell.

Barnsley News and Sport chatted to one of the ‘main men’ behind the exciting new project, Liam Dyson.

What made you start the ‘West Stand Bogs’ fanzine?

Six pints of cider!

But seriously, fanzines have had a bit of a renaissance recently and I thought it was about time there was some permanent record of the famous Barnsley wit/sarcasm and negativity outside of Twitter and the BBS (bulletin board).

And I was after a way to raise a bit of money for local charities and talking to lads about football in the pub seemed like the easiest way to do it. We’re completely not for profit, with all profits going to local causes.

What gave you the inspiration? And why that title?

There’s a bit of a growing movement known as Against Modern Football (AMF). A fanzine was set up known as STAND AMF which got me reading fanzines from across the country – Doncaster, Wigan, Chester, Man Utd etc… all have great ones.

After that I bought a load of South Riding Fanzines (the iconic old BFC fanzine) from eBay and seeing that despite all the changes, really things are still the same as back in those days. Complaining about the board, cost of tickets, how poor our defence is., ha ha!!

Seeing the content in that fanzine and how it’s still relevant and, more than anything, funny really inspired me. If we’re 10% as good as that I’ll be chuffed.

As for the title, that just came from my love of the West Stand – the history just oozes out of the place and those ‘bogs’ with the open air gives us a connection to the past. And a natural steam room in the winter!

How old are you and how long have you been a Reds fan?

I’ll be 25 when the first fanzine comes out – I’ve been watching the team since 95/96. My first game was Arsenal at home in the 3rd round of the League Cup in ’95, so I’ve seen plenty in the last 18 years. Mostly rubbish like but still plenty!

Where do you sit in Oakwell?

West Stand, naturally!! Lower tier though. Not posh!

Who is your all-time Reds hero?

It’s a difficult one. The real heroes of the last 20 years I can’t really remember (Redfearn, Hignett etc). So mine’s Chris Dagnall. I love a grafter. I was one of the only ones sticking up for him when he first signed, so when he got them two goals against Leeds I went nuts.

Who are involved in the ‘West Stand Bogs’ project?

There’s a good few of us – we’ve got the best graphic designer in Barnsley (so he tells me) in Jamie; co-editor in Bobby; Gaz is the real brains and driving force of the operation; and Phil just comes for a pint to get away from his mam!

Special mention must go to my mate ‘Smales the accountant’, who has helped with the financial side – the only one I’ve ever known that’s told me that you have to pay tax!

Have you had a good response so far from people/fans?

Truly amazing. Lads committing their money to subscribe on our word because they know it’s for great causes. We’ve had offers of help from all over, lots of lads writing for us too. It’s been a pleasure.

I’d like to take the chance to thank some local businesses too:

Old Number 7, CAM Music, Andy’s News in Goldthorpe, Horton Decorators, All Dry Damp Proofing, Blinds by Martin, Ian Parker Photography.

They’ve all helped us by advertising for the season which has allowed us to pay our printers. Without ’em, there’d be no WSB. So cheers lads.

What are your hopes for the fanzine?

Meet like minded lads, get drunk, have a laugh, get drunk, talk about football and get drunk!!

Seriously though, the biggest hope is that we make a little bit of money for local charities. There’s kids out there who are living from food banks so buying a fanzine might help a family eat a good meal. And in return we just want to make something that gets people thinking and puts a smile on their face.

The fanzine owners have organised a celebratory ‘launch’  in the Old No 7 cellar on August 16, with live music, DJ & fanzines for sale. Very limited numbers with all door money going to charity. Details TBC.

As for the fanzine itself, yFor those not in town (or those who want it delivering), subscriptions are being offered for the season: £10 (UK) or £15 (Europe) for 4 issues including postage and packing.

No digital issue will be available, subscription is the only way to guarantee your copy if you’re not ‘local’.

It will be sold around Barnsley on match days, locations to be confirmed, and outside of match days West Stand Bogs will be available at The Old Number 7, CAM Music, Debut Records, Andys News in Goldthorpe and at Athersley Recreation.

Any businesses wanting to advertise and help support the fanzine, or for anyone wanting further details, email weststandbogs@gmail.com

The picture above, of the ‘West Stand Bogs’, comes courtesy of Ian Parker.



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