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EAST-STANDERS: Even the most fanatical fan must now concede that the Reds are simply not good enough for the Championship

Oh dear, back to reality for us all on Tuesday night! After the upbeat mood of Saturday it was despair again.

Against Brighton, the Tykes proved that they do have passion, commitment and enthusiasm and could have a good attempt to creative something positive, but against Burnley they were all too predictable.

It was all: “Er, what shall we do?” The answer was nothing much, apart from lobbing the long ball to O’Grady, who flicked it on to nobody.

We did show the odd glimpse of attacking flair, crossing the ball into the penalty area, but unfortunately those crosses were shocking – not that there was anyone there to attack the cross if it had been any good!

Perhaps Burnley were only in second gear, but with a little more composure and purpose we could have made life very difficult for them. As it was, however, there was no support for O’Grady from the mid-fielders who were very lacklustre.

M’Voto and Nyatanga did very well through the middle of the park. They were strong and read the game well. Playing together more frequently has seen them forge a good defensive partnership.

It nearly came to blows on the concourse at half-time, with fans arguing about O’Grady’s role and opinions split on his performance. Generally, however, the blame was laid at the door of the tactics of the entire team and manager.

We keep praying for a miracle but even the most fanatical supporter and optimist must now concede that Barnsley simply are not good enough for this league.

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