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EAST-STANDERS: Our mate was the lucky one – he was in bed all afternoon!

Our mate couldn’t make it today ‘cos he’s been putting in extra shifts, and when the last one finished at lunchtime he decided he was too tired to go to the match and went to bed instead for a much needed kip.

Lucky him!

We went, hoping to see a match full of drive, effort and passion – and what did we get? End of season, mid-table, let’s-get-away-on-holiday football.

But we are not mid-table. We needed three points, so some effort would have been appreciated.

Sadly, the Tykes were lacking in all departments once again. True, Liam Lawrence showed some bite in mid-field and Tomasz Cywka looked positive up front. Unfortunately, these two apart, the rest of the team barely broke sweat.

It was the case of the same old tactics against a poor team who used a massed defence.

Leeds had only one clear-cut chance, but they took it and it was game over. After that, neither goalie was tested, other than a couple of powder-puff headers from Jennings.

The Tykes seem able to score only when they are away from home, when teams attack us. At Oakwell, we have neither the talent or technical know-how to counteract teams who hit us on the break.

We have two more away games, so who knows? If we do need points against QPR, then the passion, fight and fire (which were sadly lacking today) must be evident in the performance of every player and in the vocal support of the fans from the kick-off right to the bitter end.

It has not been all negative this afternoon, though. There were a couple of positives: the sun shone and it was quite warm.

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