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EAST-STANDERS: A glimmer of hope amongst the doom and gloom

Well, here we are, after the last game of the season, and it’s goodnight and goodbye to the Championship.

Having watched (or endured) another insipid display from an already relegated team, it was obvious why it will be League One next season.

As the players were coming out before the kick-off, the announcer said, as usual, that it was the chance for the fans to be the “12th man”, but today he added: “and do what you have been doing all season”, to which one of our mates quipped in reply: “What! Slump down in me seat with me ‘ead in me hands?”

Danny has a big job on his hands. QPR were plainly a side that, having made the play-offs, wanted to avoid injuries, but they still had enough about them to keep Barnsley huffing and puffing to little effect.

However, doom and gloom aside, there is a little glimmer of hope and some positivity.

Danny Rose brought pace and some intelligent movement up front. He showed himself to be a willing worker who, with a little more composure, might well have scored after a brilliant cross from another youngster, James Bree.

Chris O’Grady said “thank you” to the fans for his player of the year award by scoring two goals, the second of which was brilliantly taken. At least it made the score sound respectable, but Barnsley as usual were the architects of their own downfall in gifting QPR their chances.

The biggest complaint, of course, is levelled at the idiots who, as usual, ran on to the pitch at the final whistle, spoiling the end of season lap of “honour”.

Why the club persists in asking the fans to remain behind the boards, we don’t know. The PR announcer might just as well offer an open invitation to everybody to run on – and then set the dogs on them (whoops, Mr Grumpy speaking here – sorry – didn’t really mean that).

Something needs to be done, however, if the club has any serious intention of keeping fans off the pitch so that they players can come out to say thank you to the true supporters who wait patiently in their seats. An overhaul of the stewarding tactics might be a good place to start.

There was one advantage of the pitch invasion – we decided it was not worth hanging around, left the ground and got out of the car park in record time.

There were empty seats all round us today. Whether it was holidays, apathy, end of season, relegation, bank holiday, couldn’t care less, who knows? Take your pick.

But enough of our woes. Don’t you feel so sorry for the fans of the rich Premier Clubs, devastated because their team will not finish in a top four spot this season?

Our disappointment pales into insignificance compared with that, doesn’t it….?

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