MP urges Barnsley residents to check that they are registered to vote

Michael Dugher, MP for Barnsley East, has used Parliament Week to urge Barnsley residents to check they are registered to vote, as Government changes to the electoral register that will come into effect in December could mean a million people lose that right.

Mr Dugher said: “I would urge people to check that they are registered to vote. It takes only five minutes and can be done on

“It is so important that people’s voices are heard, particularly when Government changes to the voting system could mean one million people fall off the electoral register.”

Parliament Week, which runs throughout this week, is an annual opportunity to open up politics and connect people across the country with Parliament and democracy, events taking place in Parliament and locally.

To mark the start, the UK Youth Parliament met on 13 November to debate issues which were voted on by over 950,000 young people across the country – the biggest participation of young people yet.

Said Mr Dugher: “Parliament Week is a fantastic opportunity to showcase how vibrant and open our democracy is.

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