MP slams Government cuts to police budgets as crime rates soar in Barnsley

Michael Dugher MP has condemned Government cuts to police budgets after new figures showed crime has soared in his Barnsley East constituency.

According to the latest figures, the number of crimes in Barnsley East rose from 829 in September 2015 to 926 in September 2016 – a rise of 11.7%.

Anti-social behaviour offences accounted for around half the reported crimes.

Worst hit was the Rockingham area where residents suffered an increase of 48.6% from 72 crimes in September 2015 to 107 crimes a year later.

The levels of crime also increased over the same 12-month period in Cudworth, Darfield and Stairfoot.

But crime dropped in Wombwell, Hoyland Milton and Worsborough, according to the UKCrimeStats think-tank. 

Figures were not available for the North East Ward in Barnsley East.

Residents in the Hoyland area have also seen a recent surge in car crime, according to reports to police.

Mr Dugher said he planned to discuss the latest crime figures with South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings.

He said: I’ve warned in recent years that Government cuts on the police service on the scale that we’ve seen meant that our communities could see a boom in crime.

Our local police officers in Barnsley do a magnificent job protecting the public and they deserve all of our support and gratitude. But out of touch Ministers are letting them down by simply not giving them the resources they need to do the job when they are under increasing pressure.

It’s clear these Government cuts are now taking their toll and it is Barnsley residents and businesses who are are paying the price through higher crime levels.

I will continue to press the Home Office over the impact of their cuts and I will discuss the latest figures with South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings who is trying his best to protect front-line community policing, despite the lack of proper funding from central government”.

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