Folk star John ‘Squeezy’ Spiers calls in at The Civic

John Spiers, known better in folk circles as Squeezy, has made a name for himself as one of the leading squeezebox players of his generation – and you can catch him at The Civic on Friday, 24 February.

Well known for his long-standing duo partnership with Jon Boden in the formidable Spiers & Boden, as well as his contribution to the massively popular Bellowhead, John has also played with Eliza Carthy’s Ratcatchers and a number of local folk-dance bands.

He moved to Abingdon in Oxfordshire at an early age where his association with the traditional folk music and dance of the region began.  As the son of a morris dancer, it’s hardly surprising that this early exposure to folk music proved to be influential.

Highly influenced by the recordings of John Kirkpatrick, and with the generous support of the local folk club, his playing advanced very quickly, making up for the late start on the melodeon during his spare time from studying natural science’s at King’s College.

A true enthusiast, his passion for music and bellows-driven instruments is only equalled by his passion for his allotment, cooking, making things out of wood, home brewing, the environment, gadgets and complaining about things on Twitter.

John has always written tunes and music for the melodeon in the traditional style and many of them can be heard performed on the albums of both Bellowhead and Spiers & Boden as well as being played in folk sessions up and down the country and around the world.

He has only recently found time amongst the heavy touring schedule to develop more of these compositions for performance as solo pieces and he is keenly working on ways of marrying the infectious pulse of traditional English dance music with modern musical influences and then take this vibrant music to audiences both at home and abroad.

Mixing infectious dance tunes with incredibly sensitive and moving slow airs, John’s solo shows are a mixture of traditional material and his own compositions interspersed with an easy-going, humorous and informative banter.

Tickets are £12 full price and £10 concessions.

For more information and to book or call the Box Office on 01226 327000.

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