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Civic to stage theatre show for people with learning disabilities

A multi-sensory, immersive theatre show for audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities is to undertake mammoth UK tour – including a visit to Barnsley Civic.

Home is the latest bold and exciting production devised specifically for audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) from Frozen Light theatre company.

Following a short preview tour in Autumn 2016 the company is now set to embark on their most ambitious tour yet, taking in 118 performances in 41 venues around England, Scotland and Wales.

Exploring a new and unknown world, Home immerses audiences with PMLD in a multi-sensory story of discovery.

The play follows Scarlet and Olive in a world that is not how they remember it. Where are they now and where is their home?

The pair must learn how to survive and create a future together in an environment that is full of surprises. Will the stars shine on this unexpected friendship? And how will they face the challenges that lie ahead?

Frozen Light devised this accessible and inclusive production especially for teenagers and adults with PMLD.

 ‘A very sophisticated, caringly crafted mixture of music and other sensory elements. Fresh, artless and above all unthreatening and rather magical’ Herald ★★★★ (The Forest)

For many in the audience this will be their first time in a mainstream theatre venue. Frozen Light co-artistic director Amber Onat Gregory said: “We want to enable people who rarely attend high street arts venues to experience the theatre. With our 41-date tour, we hope to reach as many people with PMLD as possible.”

Performing to an intimately sized audience, the three-strong cast accompanies the audience from the foyer into the performance space, ensuring a smooth transition into the theatre environment.

One-to-one interactions with the audience include singing directly to an audience member and offering props to be touched and closely examined. Specially composed music is integrated throughout the performance.

‘The palpable joy of the audience, many witnessing live performance in a theatre environment for the first time is a wonder to behold.’ Sarah Holmes – Chief Executive, New Wolsey

Lucy Garland, Frozen Light’s other co-artistic director, says: “By putting accessible theatre into theatre venues we hope to increase the visibility of people with PMLD and create activities for them to access within their local community.’

  • HOME is at The Civic on Thursday 2 March at 1.30pm & 6pm. Tickets are £8 full.

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