A stunning virtuoso delivery of the Greatest Story Ever Told at The Civic

Award-winning actor George Dillon presents an unforgettable vision of Jesus in his highly intense, very human and occasionally humorous performance of The Gospel of Matthew, staged with sound and video at The Civic.

Inspired by an encounter with Bob Geldof at Euston Station and created in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Dillon’s powerful delivery of his own translation portrays Jesus not as a gentle, meek and mild lamb to the slaughter, but as a contemporary raging fighter for God – an angry Jesus – a Christ who is angry at humanity but also human in his anger.

Most unusually for contemporary drama on this theme, Dillon’s Gospel of Matthew is wholly authentic to the biblical text. Dillon brings out levels of meaning in Matthew rarely heard in pulpits. His rendering of Jesus’s righteous anger is simply shattering; his Lord’s Prayer has an all-to-rare note of urgency.The Church of England News / Baptist Times

The Gospel of Matthew was traditionally considered the earliest account of the life and teachings of Jesus and was originally compiled soon after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. With religious and racial conflict still spreading from the Middle East, Matthew’s apocalyptic Gospel is as relevant, inspiring and terrifying today as when it was written.

What overwhelms is the absolute relevance of these ancient stories to the contemporary scene. The simple clarity of the teaching of Jesus transcends specifics of time and place. The radical message of loving one’s enemies has never sounded so revolutionary, straightforward, obvious and utterly sensible.” The Scotsman

Gospel of Matthew is at The Civic on Friday 3 March at 7.30pm. Tickets are £12 full price and £10 concessions.



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