MP backs MS Society’s ‘Enough’ campaign

Michael Dugher, Barnsley East MP, is backing a new campaign for “employment that works” for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

His support for the MS Society’s “Enough” campaign comes after the Government recently launched a consultation on disability, health and work.

The MS Society says: “Having MS is enough”. It is fighting to get more help for people with MS who want to work.

The charity wants the Government to ensure that people with MS have the support they need to cope with the challenges they often face in the workplace because of their condition.

It says that many people with MS are forced to change jobs or leave work entirely before they would choose to because they do not get the help they need.

Mr Dugher said: “Some people with MS are simply unable to work.  Those who can work often need a great deal of support to help them overcome the difficulties they can encounter in the workplace.

“It is vital that the Government addresses this issue so that people with MS can remain as independent as possible and feel they are getting the support to stay in work as long as they are able.

“People with MS should not feel that they are under pressure to prove they need support just because their symptoms like pain and fatigue are invisible.

“They must be able to count on support when they need it, without unnecessary burden or constant fear of having it taken away.”


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