‘Budget does nothing for families in Barnsley’ claims local MP

Michael Dugher, MP for Barnsley East, has condemned the Budget for its failure to help Barnsley and tackle the key issues facing local people.

The Chancellor promised £2bn over three years for social care, but Mr Dugher argues that the reality is that the figure is far short of the cash needed to deal with the crisis.

He says: “This Budget does nothing for families in Barnsley. It fails to tackle the funding cash shortages in our local schools or address the crisis engulfing our NHS.

“Whilst the Government concentrates on policies that help only a privileged few – such as inheritance tax breaks – this Budget has nothing for many more who are struggling to make ends meet.

“The Government has offered inadequate solutions that fall woefully short of what is required – the £2bn in social care funding over the next three years falls well short of the £4.6bn cut since 2010.

“A meagre £216m offered over the next three years to improve current schools will do little to address the £3bn expected to be lost a year by 2020 when schools in Barnsley alone are expected to lose £6.6m in funding cuts.”

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