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Elsecar chosen as one of the country’s first ten Heritage Action Zones

Elsecar has been named a ‘Heritage Action Zone’ by Historic England – one of only ten places in the country to gain the special new status.

This nationwide project will breathe new life into areas that are rich in uncelebrated heritage.

A bustling industrial village from the 1700s, Elsecar boomed thanks to its ironworks and thriving collieries, which were often visited by aristocrats and royalty.

For 150 years it was the industrial estate village of Wentworth Woodhouse just a mile away, and was developed by the Marquis of Rockingham and Earls Fitzwilliam into a model village.

Its status as a Heritage Action Zone means that Elsecar will be supported with resources and funding that will begin to realise the village’s potential as part of the region’s visitor and tourism economy.

Elsecar Heritage Centre, which already attracts more than 400,000 visitors per year, includes extensive remains of ironworks, collieries and workshops, which were built to serve local industry and the Wentworth Woodhouse estate.

Through joint-working, grant funding and sharing their skills, Historic England will work with the council and the heritage centre to unlock Elsecar’s potential by improving understanding of the village’s rich heritage, bringing historic buildings back into use, and encouraging local people and community groups to get involved in the village’s development.

The Heritage Action Zones initiative has been launched by Historic England to support places that are rich in heritage and have the potential to become focal points for sustainable economic development and community life.

The bid for the HAZ status was put together by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s Barnsley Museums service, working with local partners. The three-year status will support a new project officer, who will work closely with Historic England’s own specialist advisers on the initiative.

Cllr Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place at Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for the area. We look forward to working with Historic England and others to help Elsecar fulfil its potential as a unique historic village which brings visitors, investment and jobs to our region.”

Trevor Mitchell, Planning Director for Historic England Yorkshire, said: “We see great potential for the heritage of Elsecar to grow the local economy, attracting more people to visit, work and live in the area.

“We want this Heritage Action Zone to unlock Elsecar’s heritage, not just its industrial past, but the story of the village, its community and links to the Fitzwilliam family – the people’s stories that make its heritage so remarkable.”

Lynn Dunning, Group Leader at Barnsley Museums, said: “It’s fantastic to see Elsecar getting the recognition it deserves and we are very excited about what this means for the heritage centre, the village and the wider area.

“Being awarded HAZ status is the result of many years of hard work to uncover the importance of Elsecar’s heritage, combined with detailed planning to realise its full potential. We hope to use this new status to tap into other funding streams that will help us achieve our vision for Elsecar as a visitor destination.”

The other areas named as Heritage Action Zones are in Appleby, Coventry, Hull Old Town, King’s Lynn, Nottingham, Ramsgate, Sunderland, Sutton and Weston-super-Mare.

  • Picture shows John Tanner, of Barnsley Museums (second right) at Elsecar with members of the Historic England Heritage Action Zone team. Photo by Alun Bull.


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