Mapplewell entrepreneur launches Japanese alcohol e-commerce site

A website stocking the UK’s largest range of Japanese sake has been launched by a Barnsley entrepreneur.

Stuart Turner, who runs SushiSushi, launched a new e-commerce site, the, this week with the range of sake – a Japanese alcoholic drink made of fermented rice.

SushiSushi sells over 200 kinds of sake via for consumers and wholesale customers, including restaurants and bars.

Stuart said: “Sake is relatively unknown in the UK, but like sushi, is an integral part of Japanese cuisine. We already stock Japanese and Asian food, drink, packaging, tableware and equipment, so we thought, why not add alcoholic beverages to the mix.”

Stuart continued: “Buying sake can be confusing. There are many different types, and complex Japanese terminology is used to describe the various grades of alcohol. It can be off-putting at first and it’s often difficult to choose your first bottle, but we try to make this process as easy as possible for customers.

“In recent years we have seen the interest in fusion foods grow among the general public. People are starting to experiment with different ingredients in their home cooking and there’s certainly an appetite for Japanese and Asian cuisine.

“We help customers choose the right sake for any situation, whether they’re putting on a buffet for friends and family with a Japanese twist, or for seasoned sake masters looking for Japanese alcohol to accompany their sushi restaurant dishes.”

Stuart Turner founded SushiSushi in 2007 after developing a passion for Japanese food and culture while traveling across Australasia and Asia. Stuart is now an expert in modern international cuisine, providing a consultancy service to help establishments modernise and develop their menus.

SushiSushi stocks a range of products sold to restaurants, chefs, retailers and cooking enthusiasts across Europe and the rest of the world, with clients including Great British Menu judge Michael O’Hare and MasterChef runner up Andrew Kojima.

As well as the popular sushi roller machine, SushiSushi supplies everything from rice to refrigerators, and Japanese knives to street food packaging from its base in Mapplewell, Barnsley.

Visit the SakeStore at:

  • Picture shows Stuart with the barrels used in the sake-making process

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