Eva Cassidy tribute show at The Civic

For the first time in the UK, Dan Cassidy, brother of the late Eva Cassidy is to join a captivating tribute to the magic of Eva’s voice in ‘Essence of Eva’ at The Civic in Barnsley in June.

Laura Claire presents this flawless memorability of the industries finest and never forgotten female singer.

Essence of Eva reveals Eva’s heart-breaking story, fascinating facts and insights into the singer who is loved and missed by many.

The tribute closely recreates the magic of Eva, who had 10 million record sales worldwide, and includes the greatest hits, Songbird, Fields of Gold, Autumn Leaves and of course Over the Rainbow, as well as a selection of songs by some of the legends that inspired her – Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and more.

Star of the show, Laura Claire, is blessed with great talent, charisma and a unique voice. A gifted vocalist and natural performer, Laura’s warm personality and style draws her audience in, with her vocal and storytelling performances.

From a love and passion for the musician which started when she was just 13, an Eva Cassidy Tribute arises. In this exclusive, Laura’s voice will take you on a soul-stirring journey through the life of Eva, making the tribute as though she was alive once more.

Like Eva, Laura has the rare ability to move listeners with her soulful performance and stunning vocals.

The dreams that she dared to dream have come true for Laura Claire as Dan Cassidy, Eva’s brother, and his musical duo James Hickman (see picture). This show is the  first Eva Cassidy tribute Dan Cassidy has appeared on within the UK, making this a once in a lifetime show not to be missed.

Hickman’s emotive, soaring vocals and driving guitar is complemented by Cassidy’s ingenious and virtuoso fiddling. Their sound flows from the connection between British and American folk and is bursting with all the humour, heartbreak and excitement of these genres.

The lively English wit of Hickman is set against Cassidy’s bone-dry irony and American drawl as they take audiences on a dynamic and unforgettable transatlantic journey.

Eva Cassidy died of skin cancer in 1996. The artists have all come together to raise awareness of Eva’s heart-breaking story, her music and to support others suffering and taken by the horrible disease, as well as raise funds for cancer charity Melanoma UK.

Essence of Eva is at The Civic on Sunday 18 June at 7pm. Tickets are £15

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