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Barnsley police officers praised for helping man in crisis

While many police officers often view what they do during day-to-day working hours as just that – day-to-day work – others recognise the compassionate and often life-saving work they do.

A man from Barnsley has thanked two officers who helped him during a time of struggle and highlighted the amazing work our cops do.

And now the police have issued a statement saying that they would, in turn,  like to  thank the man for taking the time to tell them his story; to say thank you, and, in so doing,  recognise and praise the officers involved, PC Richard Bradley and PC Oliver Ingham.

PC Bradley and PC Ingham initially visited the man following a report of concern for his welfare after he walked out of hospital one morning this month.

The officers attended at his address in Barnsley, and began by speaking to him and listening to any worries he had.

The man, who’s privacy the police fully respect as he asked not to be named, said: “The officers were completely upfront with me about why they were there, listened to me about what had happened without judgement and treated me with respect and care at all times.

“They tried getting me the correct help while they were with me and were open to me talking to them about anything if I needed to.”

The officers left after they had assurance the man would receive assistance that day with his ongoing health and wellbeing from the appropriate support agencies.

Unfortunately later that day the man did harm himself, but thankfully he phoned the officers he had seen earlier that morning as he felt comfortable in speaking to them, adding: “I rang them as these two friendly, genuinely caring officers had built up a rapport with myself so they responded back and did not judge me.

“They came round and stayed with me until I got the correct help, which I am still receiving, thanks to them pushing for me to get help sooner.

“I’d like to thank the two officers for listening, not judging and for what I feel is going out of their way to get me the help I need and the help that I am still receiving.”

Chief Superintendent Scott Green, Barnsley’s District Commander, said: “I am so pleased that this man accepted our help and is continuing to receive help today and I’d like to wish him well.

“Officers are taught many things but something you can’t teach is compassion and empathy, traits I’m proud to say our officers have, and it’s cases like this that show just how important these qualities are when someone is in crisis.

“PC Bradley and PC Ingham clearly stayed calm and were committed to ensuring this man got help, something all of our officers will have in the forefront of their minds when dealing with someone in crisis.

“I’d like to thank the man for getting in touch with us and wish him well, and the officers for the positive impact they had on someone who needed our help and support.”


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