Barnsley MP calls for debate on police resources

Stephanie Peacock, MP for Barnsley East, has called for an urgent debate on police budgets as figures show officer numbers in the area have fallen drastically since 2010.

According to figures released by South Yorkshire Police, the number of police officers has fallen by 458, from 2952 in 2010 to 2494 in 2016 – a decrease of over 18%.

In the House of Commons, Miss Peacock demanded a Parliamentary debate on the issue, calling on the Government to reassess their commitment to cutting the service and to provide extra resources to be made available for South Yorkshire Police.

She has warned that continued cuts to police budgets would worsen the situation, and could leave Barnsley’s communities vulnerable.

She commented: “My first question in the House of Commons was to demand a proper debate with the Government on police resources.

“When I’m talking to people locally, time and again constituents voice their concerns about policing and security in our communities.

“Yet at a time when people need them most, we are seeing fewer and fewer police officers patrolling our streets.

“Despite the incredible job our hard-working police services do, Government cuts to their budgets have slashed officer numbers and it’s our communities that will suffer.

“Our police services and officers do a fantastic job protecting us and keeping us safe. It’s about time they were given the resources and support they desperately need.”


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