Tarn lad Louis helps bring Barnsley back to The Civic

After not one, but two, near death experiences and two months in a coma at 17 years old, Barnsley lad Louis Hepworth exceeded all expectations by going to university, which led to this marketing volunteer role at The Civic last September.

After two years studying Business & Marketing at Sheffield Hallam University, and one year volunteering at the arts venue in Barnsley he is set for a successful future.

The Civic has since seen him grow into a valued employee. Starting his placement with no knowledge of the arts, Louis began with database entry, managing on site poster and leaflet display and assisting with the website.

His interest soon grew and The Civic quickly realised his potential and he was challenged to build relationships with the schools across South Yorkshire.

Said Operations Manager Luke Robson: “The Civic has supported several excellent placements in the past. Louis is no exception, showing a particularly strong work ethic and strong level of commitment. He has become a core member of the team even mentoring and supporting new members of staff.

“Louis loves a challenge and through his focus and determination he surpassed his own expectation on school engagement and more than doubled the number of school visits from previous years.”

In the year that Louis has been with the charity, the venue has seen an incredible increase of 117% school engagement.

With nothing but good things to say about The Civic, he has also become The Civic’s social media guru, coming up with witty ideas for engaging with customers. As well as this, he is a dedicated advocate for the #Connect project, which will help make Barnsley a world class destination for the Arts by 2023

Louis has come away with a great experience from both The Civic, and placements in general and he commented: “When I first started, I wouldn’t be interested in anything other than comedy, but after working here I’ve enjoyed everything and would recommend The Civic to everyon.”

He continued: “I would encourage anyone who is wanting to work in the arts or business to take advantage of the placements available in the industry. My time at The Civic so far has proved to be invaluable and has provided me with work experience that will be amazing for my career.”

Louis has gained valuable experience which will play a huge part when he finishes his degree, giving him more chance of securing himself a full-time job in 2018.

Said Marketing Manager Mary Swinden: “Louis is keen to give something back to the community that he’s grown up in. He is immensely proud of his town. He has worked on a voluntary basis because he wants everyone in Barnsley to know about The Civic and the fantastic work that is done here.”

” Louis is loyal, determined and an absolute pleasure to work with. We all know he will go on to great things and there will always be assistance here for Louis in helping him achieve his dreams.”

Louis will now enjoy a well-deserved break before returning to complete his degree at Sheffield Hallam where he is aiming to achieve a 2.1 grade.

Chief Executive Helen Ball added: “The Civic would like to say a huge thank you to Louis for the hard work and commitment he’s put into his role and the impact that he has had upon the charity. He will be greatly missed by all the team.”

If you are interested in the volunteer and work placement opportunities at The Civic, Barnsley please call 01226 327000 or email


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