Bard of Barnsley to perform at The Civic on ‘pay-what-you-like night

Regional artists, including Barnsley poet Ian McMillan and a selection of innovative performing arts companies, will perform at The Civic on 30 September in a pay what you decide event where artists show their newest work.

All donations will be distributed equally between the artists and The Civic to support the development of their work. A post show Q+A will also be included in the event.

With a variety of acts taking part, the charity is pleased for the Scratch night to offer a chance for its CARP (Civic Artists Residency Programme) artists to perform. These artists have been supported by The Civic to develop their new work in a creative environment.

One of the acts to showcase work on the night will be Civic Champion and the ‘Bard of Barnsley,’ Ian McMillan (pictured) and composer Ben Parks who will be in residency with The Civic through late September to develop a script for a new piece Our Fathers. The piece will focus on father/son relationships, particularly Ian’s own relationship with his father.

Ian writes a column in the Barnsley Chronicle, was nominated for a chair of poetry at Oxford University, and appears on BBC Radio 4. Ben has written and performed for film, television and theatre, including the triple BAFTA winning, Oscar Nominated S4C production of The Canterbury Tales.

Alongside Ian and Ben, the creative team consists of animator, Tony Comley, actor Adam Burton, director Fin Walker, and writer Ed Harris.

The Civic Scratch is on Saturday 30 September at 7.30pm.


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