The Civic puts on play about mental health and male suicide

This season The Civic On Tour presents The Life and Soul, by Chris Connor – a new show exploring mental health, inner demons, loneliness and male suicide.

Meet Jim. He’s always been a bit of a character, just like his Dad, and spends most of his life between the bookies, the pub and the football. He’s always had this lingering feeling, though, that he doesn’t quite fit into this world, that there’s something different about him, something wrong…

“Jim begins to feel empty as his mates drift away to real life, and their refusal to talk about his problems leaves him ever more isolated. ‘Chin up mate’ is their standard response which as Jim points out isn’t much help… this working class wideboy is increasingly besieged by ‘back clouds’ that threaten to drag him under.” Paul Clarke

Jim’s never told his story to anyone before, but tonight he’s going to tell it to you.

Written by Chris O’Connor and directed by Rod Dixon, The Life & Soul is funny, grounded, glowing with charm, and very, very real. The short thirty-five minute play draws attention to the terrible difficulties many men have in dealing with a depression their supposed toughness tells them they can’t even admit. But as  O’Connor shows, even the life and soul of a gathering can be struggling with dangerous levels of depression.” British Theatre Guide.

Included in the ticket is a performance by Matt Abbott, a star of the spoken word scene, fresh from a full run at Edinburgh Fringe, where his show ‘Two Little Ducks’ attracted 5* from the national press.

A post show chat follows.

The Life & Soul is on at 6:00pm on Wednesday 1 November at The Live Arts Café, Digital Media Centre, County Way, Barnsley, S70 2JW

Tickets £5 including a free drink
Recommended for ages 14+

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