‘Folk’s Poet Laureate’ coming to The Civic

BBC Radio 2 Folk Singer of the Year 2015 and one of the foremost composers of modern folk and social commentary songs in the British Isle, Nancy Kerr, is performing at The Civic, Barnsley this November.

“Quite breathtakingly beautiful.” Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2.

A writer of rare style, Kerr’s music has drawn comparisons to William Blake in her revival of folk mythology as a backdrop for modern narratives, and has inspired some to call her “Folk’s Poet Laureate”

“A songwriter steeped in the tradition, but casting it anew.” Songlines 

Finding herself increasingly fascinated by the role of the environment as a character in music, literature, art and film, the compositions that make up her second release, Instar, explore the themes of human/ecological interaction that lie just beneath the surface of so many traditional folk songs.

Nancy’s songs draw inspiration from nature to address subjects such as gender identity and sexuality, struggles for human rights, love and consent, colonialism and the effects of austerity on our culture and ourselves.

Nancy Kerr’s Second Instar is the second incarnation of the ever-evolving Instar album. Her live performance will draw mainly from that album but also features songs from Sweet Visitor. The show promises to challenge and inspire, confront and sympathise. At times jovial and boisterous and at times a dulcet call to arms.

“Nancy Kerr’s songs are unusual, intriguing. Steeped in folksong, she nonetheless breaks out of the mould, coming sideways to her subject, embroidering it with detail and surprises until the focus of the song comes clear.” Peggy Seeger

With her Sweet Visitor Band now an established unit, Nancy is joined on stage by bandmates: Rowan Rheingans: Fiddle, Banjo & Voice, Tim Yates: Double Bass, Melodeon & Voice, Greg Russell: Guitars & Voice and Tom Wright: Drums, Guitars & Voice.

Nancy Kerr and The Sweet Visitor Band is at The Civic on Saturday 4 November at 8:00pm. Tickets are £14.


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