Charities and community organisations given help moving into digital age

Charities and community organisations across Barnsley can now move forward in the digital age, thanks to funding and support provided by Berneslai Homes Device Doctors.

The Online and Technology Funding Pot, launched in July, has now been allocated to 11 charities across the borough, helping them in different ways, from funding, donating equipment and providing one-to-one digital support and training.

The charities include Young hOurbank, Help 4 Homeless Veterans, Monk Bretton Ward Alliance, Barnsley Beacon Support Services, The Barnsley Men’s Shed, SSAFA, Barnsley Riding for the Disabled Association, New Hope Methodist Church, Snap Tin Cafe and Creative Minds.

Hannah Bailey, Digital Inclusion Co-ordinator at Berneslai Homes, said: “It’s great to support and fund this wide range of hands-on community projects. From those that directly help others, to those with a more creative side, we’re helping them take full advantage of what the digital world can offer.

“The digital world impacts on every aspect of our daily life and helping these groups go digital will give them a huge advantage going forward.”

The support, equipment and funding provided will help each charity massively in different ways. For example, Young hOurbank, a community timebank in the Dearne, will receive a printer giving the young people they work with independence and ownership for their work.

Gill Richmond, project co-ordinator at Young hOurbank, said: “Device Doctors have always been very supportive of hOurbank and this donation means such a lot to us. Money is tight and we just don’t have the spare cash to be able to buy these printers ourselves.

“Currently the young people are participating in a cooking project in which they make goods to be sold.They have responsibility to make the posters and labels for the goods, so the printer is essential. Without it we’d be stuck.”

The Device Doctors provide one-to-one support on any techy or online topic, offering self-learning courses where attendees can learn at their own pace. They also work with community groups and organisations to help them develop digital skills and confidence.

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