Toby Tyke promises to Bee Kind

Barnsley FC Mascot Toby Tyke joined Active Response Security in their #Bee_Kind Campaign in support of Barnsley Council and South Yorkshire Police.

A packed Event at Barnsley Town Hall encouraged everyone to sign a Promise Card to #Bee_Kind as part of Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Dignitaries joined children from local Schools to support the Initiative.

The centre piece of the Event was BuzzBee, the Active Response 3D Bee designed to help safeguard children and well known as a Teaching Tool using Video.

Michelle Bailey, Managing Director of Active Response told us: “The event was a huge success with people happy to sign the Promise Card featuring BuzzBee. We have a number of high profile Initiatives planned where BuzzBee will meet children and the public to continue our #Bee_Kind and #BeeSafe campaign”.

  • Picture shows Toby Tyke wearing the #BeeKind badge




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