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Frustration grows for Barnsley Ladies as cup match is called off

Once again Barnsley Ladies Intermediate Cup match against Didsbury Toc H on Sunday had to be called off because their opponents were unable to field a side.

Barnsley were only notified the day before the encounter and spokesperson Stuart Bennett said:  “We were really looking forward to this match against a team which had won 18 out of their last 20 league matches, scoring over 1100 points and conceding only 112. It was going to be a great test for us.

“This is getting really frustrating and the powers that be must try to address this.

“We prepare for matches and then to have them called off is not good. In the last two and a half years we have had 10 walkovers where teams either can’t get a side together or are just unwilling to travel. Eight of these matches have been at home and two away.

“As well as it being frustrating to both players and their supporters there is also a financial cost to this as well. When teams cry off after Friday we have already bought the after-match food and, in the case of Sunday’s match, we had produced a match day programme.”

Barnsley have a genuine free weekend coming up and then, on Sunday, 3 December, they play hosts to Sunderland, who are third in the league. Kick-off is 2.00pm.


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