Personal bests in every race for Amy and Sam – and a first for Oliver

Twenty Borough of Barnsley swimmers took part in Sheffield City’s Glyn Mettam Memorial B grade meet at Ponds Forge at the weekend.

The season is in full swing with many swimmers focussing on achieving entry times for the Yorkshire Championships in February as well as personal bests (55 PBs achieved out of 105 races).

Club Press Officer Adrian Wightman said: “The atmosphere amongst the swimmers was fantastic with everyone supporting and cheering each other on, celebrating in success and picking each other up when things didn’t go so well.

“It was great to see Oliver Austin (9) competing in his first gala and a special mention to Amy and Sam Guettat who recorded personal best times in every race they took part in”

Oliver said: “It was nerve-wracking on the [starting] blocks, cold in the water and relief at the wall”

Next weekend sees the club competing at City of Sheffield’s “Snow Thrills” meet.

Medals (Top 3):

Cody Ingram (11) Silver 200m Individual Medley, bronze 50m backstroke; Lily Martin (13) Gold 100m Butterfly; Lucy Redfern (13) Silver 50m Breaststroke & 100m Freestyle; Matt Selous (14) Gold 100m Breaststroke, silver 200 IM, bronze 50m backstroke; Jonathon Wightman (13) Gold 50m Free , 50m Butterfly, 100m Freestyle, Bronze 50m Backstroke, 100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke

Personal Bests recorded in following events (FS – Freestyle, BK – Backstroke, BST – Breaststroke, BF – Butterfly, IM – Individual Medley):

Neve  Booth 100m: FS & BK, 200 IM; Lucy Bratley 50m: BK, 100m: PB FS & BK, 200 IM; Melissa Connolly 50m BST; Emily Darlington  50m BF, BK, 100m FS & 200 IM; Amy Guettat 50m BF, BST, BK, 100m BF; Maea Hamby 100m FS; Melissa Hanson 50m :BF, BK, BST, 100m : FS, BST; Lily Martin 100m FS; Lucy Redfern 50m BF, 100m FS; Keira Tiggardine 50m FS, BF, BK 100m FS, 200IM; Lucy Wainright 50m FS, BF, BK, 100m FS, BST; Lucy Wightman 100m BST; Oliver Austin 50m: FS, BK, BST; Charlie Clarke 100m BK, 100m BST, 200IM; Sam Guettat 50m: FS, BF, BS, 100m BF, 200IM; Cody Ingram 50m :BK, 100m BST, 100m BST, 200 IM; Matt Selous 50m: FS, BK, 100m FS,, 200IM; Jonathon Wightman 50m FS, BF, BK, 100m FS, 200IM.

Georgia Clarke and Millie Hamby also took part


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