MP calls for action on Barnsley social mobility figures

Stephanie Peacock, MP for Barnsley East, is calling for urgent action from the Government after recent figures revealed Barnsley has one of the lowest levels of social mobility in the country.

In their annual ‘State of the Nation’ report, the Social Mobility Commission described a stark postcode lottery for social mobility in Britain, identifying Barnsley as one of the worst areas in the country.

Whilst London is pulling away, the Commission found ‘coldspots’ for social mobility, including former industrial communities.

In areas of London such as Kensington and Chelsea, for instance, around 50 per cent of disadvantaged young people go on to university.

However, this figure falls to around 10 per cent in Barnsley, one of the lowest levels in the country.

Ms Peacock (pictured) commented: “These figures paint a damning picture of the appalling levels of social mobility inequality in the UK.

“A record of Tory failure has led to a stark postcode lottery, where the place you are born can determine your life chances.

“Children born here in Barnsley are simply not provided with the same opportunities in life as those lucky enough to be born in places like Chelsea and Kensington.

“This is unacceptable, and children should all have the chance to succeed in life no matter where they are born.

“I’m demanding urgent action from the Government to address this scandalous imbalance, and make sure every child in Barnsley is given the best opportunity to succeed.”

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