Simeon rises to the challenge to raise cash for charity

FITNESS challenges were smashed to raise cash for charity by a Barnsley Premier Leisure member.

Simeon Evershed, of Meadow View, Lundwood, Barnsley has been a member at BPL’s Metrodome site for more than five years.

The Metrodome hosts gym challenges every month for members to take part in. If they come out on top of the leaderboard, they win a month’s membership free.
But kind-hearted Simeon (pictured) asked the gym whether, if he won, he could donate the equivalent money to charity instead.
The staff at BPL said yes – and in a series of challenges, Simeon managed to win a grand total of £197.70 – equivalent to six months free membership.
That money has been donated to St Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield, which provides specialist care free of charge to 1,800 adults with incurable illnesses.
Simeon said: “I wanted to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice as my work colleague has a very strong personal connection with them.
“The fact the money is going to a good cause has made me want to push myself and raise even more money for a number of charities. Next time I’ll be focusing my efforts fund-raising for Barnsley Hospice.”
“This also motivates me to work harder during these monthly competitions and challenges as I want to do well for these hard-working charities.”
Simeon took on challenges in everything from how many press ups he could complete in one minute, to gaining the fastest time in a 500m row.
He added: “There are already a lot of members who train at the Barnsley Metrodome who are constantly fund-raising and supporting local charities. I feel very humbled to be partaking alongside them.”
BPL Metrodome facility manager, Mike Cutts, said all the staff are proud of Simeon’s fund-raising efforts.
“Being a charity ourselves we jumped at the chance when Simeon approached us with his idea about how we could support him to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice,” Mike said.
“Simeon asked if we would be willing to offer the cash value of each prize he won to St Luke’s Hospice in the form of a donation.
“We were moved by Simeon’s kind gesture and wanted to help. We watched for six consecutive months as Simeon battled every week to remain at the top of the leader board for each challenge.
“Simeon never gave up and his effort and determination is a testament to all the great work that takes place at St Luke’s.”
In a letter to Mike, St Luke’s charity fund-raising manager Megan Senior said: “Each year we provide specialist care entirely free of charge to around 1,800 local adults who have a wide variety of incurable illnesses.”
”This donation not only allows us to continue with the work we’ve been doing for 45 years, but it makes it possible for us to look at new, innovative ways of caring for our patients and their families.”
“Thank you so much for allowing Simeon Evershed to fund-raise for St Luke’s in your venue. We simply couldn’t continue in our work without supporters like you.”

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