Le Tour de Yorkshire comes to Royston

On Wednesday 6th March, BPL site Royston Leisure Centre was proud to host the Tour de Yorkshire trophies ahead of the tour itself to give residents of Barnsley a chance to see them up close and build excitement for the race.

There are two main trophies – one for the male winner and one for the female winner – and the only difference between the two is the weight (10kg and 7kg respectively). They cost £5000 each to manufacture, and the winners of the 384 mile long race don’t actually keep the trophies but replica medals instead.

They were made by Thomas Fattorini Ltd, founded in 1827 by Antonio Fattorini, an Italian who settled in Yorkshire. Residents of Barnsley had the chance to see the trophies at three selected venues on Wednesday, with Royston Leisure Centre being one of them.

Cllr David Leech, cycling champion for Barnsley said: “We loved seeing residents come along to Royston Leisure Centre to see the now world-famous trophies and have their picture taken with them. The excitement of the tour is growing, with the riders likely to include Tour de France winners Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas.”

Commented Michael Hirst, Deputy CEO of BPL, himself a cycling enthusiast: “BPL support sport and it is especially great that the Tour de Yorkshire is coming to Barnsley. We appreciate the trophies being on show at Royston Leisure Centre and loved the fact that people from the local community came to see them.” 

The Tour de Yorkshire is coming to Barnsley once again on the 3rd of May when it will host ‘The World Stage’ which is the second leg of the men’s tour, and first leg of the women’s, and it will go past Royston Leisure Centre.

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