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EAST-STANDERS: An afternoon of disappointment and delight

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Disappointment and delight were present at Oakwell in equal measure when Brighton came calling: disappointment that the header failed to make its way into the net and disappointment at the result, but delight at the performance of the Reds, with the players certainly putting in a “full shift” on a Saturday afternoon. There was still… Read more »

EAST-STANDERS: Grumbling and grouting – then plenty of shouting!

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“Well, what’s the result going to be tonight?” asked the Dad of his small son as they were going through the turnstile for the Tuesday night match against Blackburn. “After all, you were right last time when you said we would beat Blackpool”. “Oh”, said the boy, “we’re going to win 12-0”. Unfortunately, such supreme… Read more »